Our story

A bit about our background.

Well hello there. Welcome to our blog. Here we will be sharing everything to do with the day to day running of Finca Canela alongside any exciting updates about our business.

First I wanted to take a moment to make an introduction. My name is Paul and I am one of the founders of Finca Canela. I am from Scotland originally but over the course of my life have lived all over the world, I speak a variety of languages which I learned at school and university eventually turning the skill into a job as a teacher which I did for 10 years.

In 2015 I decided to rip up the rule book and start my own business following my passion in life. The only problem was that I wasn’t aware what my passion was! It took a minute to figure that out. They say that life has all the answers for you if you just listen. I had to learn to do just that, so I focused on learning how to drown out all the white noise that surrounds us all and in the process found my way towards becoming a property developer and interior designer. by 2019 I had a successful business and everything in the garden was looking rosey. Then along came Brexit and forced a rethink of our life plans.

In one week, at the very beginning of 2019 we decided to rip up everything we thought we were working towards and skip the country whilst we still could! I have a long and loving relationship with Spain and particularly Andalusia and so we set about finding the perfect property to continue our quest to drown out the white noise of life. By May we had finally found Finca Canela and completed on the purchase. It took a few more minutes for us to tie up life in the UK but by October we were here and ready to start creating some magic for you all.

Since then we have been lovingly restoring and tending to our 4 acre estate. Whilst caring for our 250 citrus trees and plethora of other fruit we have also been eagerly setting up organic growing patches for a variety of our favourite veg with the aim to finally become self sufficient. All this whilst also renovating our farm house – part of which will soon be available for bookings and our secret garden studio which you can book a visit to now!

We’re really excited about what the future holds for Finca Canela and aim to build a community all of whom can’t wait to return time and again to this extraordinary home away from home.

Love Paul

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